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To achieve square cuts and accurate cut lengths with medium to long flexible and rigid extrusions, Goodman discharge conveyors ensure that extrudates remain straight and supported, and completely unobstructed by the previously cut part.

Photo-electric end sensing

An optional photo-electric sensor can be positioned exactly-one cut length downstream of the cutter blade to transmit an actuation signal to the cutter, resulting in highly accurate cut lengths. Available with micrometer positioning mechanism.

Air blow-off option

Cut parts can either be discharged from the downstream end of the conveyor into a container or, using an optional "air blow-off curtain," into a stainless steel catch tray or other container positioned alongside the conveyor.

The high velocity blow-off air curtain is fed through manifold sections which can be selectively shut off, reducing plant air consumption by 40 to 90% over drilled hole or pipe slotted systems, while significantly reducing operating noise.

Mechanical sweep option

For flexible or rigid parts with heavy cross-sections, a pneumatically-actuated arm is available to sweep parts into the collection tray or other container positioned alongside the conveyor.

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