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 Three models for visual inspection of molded or cast parts

Eliminate time consuming static
inspection of small parts

Eliminates "hit and miss" operator inspection
Drastically cuts the necessary inspection personnel required - as much as 50%-60% for some products/parts.
Stops unnecessary errors caused by inspector fatigue, resulting in costly customer returns and/or possible regulatory agency problems
Allows a consistent preset rate of travel for the maximum in checking efficiency
All stainless steel construction and FDA belt available

Goodman Controlled Rate Inspection System allow the accurate checking of products and/or parts --spreading them evenly over a continuously moving conveyor belt. The belt moves at a preset, yet constant, speed suitable to the specific type of inspection required.

Visual inspection can be a hit or miss operation. After parts are removed from storage or production at random, inspection rates can vary considerably - day to day or even hour to hour - causing an irregular flow of parts. Also, the manual inspection process often becomes tedious for the inspector and, therefore, prone to error. This is particularly true where two-sided inspection is required and parts or products must be turned over. In addition, valuable time is lost by a manually repetitious operation. Now, Goodman's inspection system allows an easy, fast and accurate checking method that saves money and personnel required.

Fast, accurate multi-sided inspection

By feeding a steady stream of parts in front of one or two inspectors, inspection rates can be increased by as much as 400%. For forty years the GOODMAN Vibratory Feed Inspection Conveyor has been the mainstay of quality control departments in the rubber industry.

The Vibratory Feed Inspection Conveyor consists of a stainless steel storage hopper into which the parts to be inspected are placed. Below this is a vibratory feeder which feeds the parts out of the hopper onto the inspection conveyor belt. The rate of flow of parts onto the belt is controlled by the amplitude of the vibratory feeder using a rheostat control and by the adjustable opening at the bottom of the hopper discharge chute. In addition the speed of the conveyor belt is adjustable from 10 to 20 FPM (3 to 6 MPM). The goal is to have a small number of parts pass quickly in front of an inspector, rather than having a large number pass very slowly. This has proven to be a considerably more efficient method of parts inspection.

The Short Model has a single level conveyor section. On the Standard and Magnum Models an adjustable center-drop section is provided in the endless conveyor belt. This allows parts that are wider than they are high to be turned over for inspection of both sides without the inspector being required to pick up each part and turn it over. Using two to four inspectors, 1 or 2 at the upper level and 1 or 2 at the lower level, the inspection speed is vastly improved. Defective or off-spec. parts can be pulled to the edge of the conveyor belt to be diverted away from the flow of good parts and into a separate container.

Typical Applications

knobs, small parts, toys, closures, etc.
investment castings, cabinet hardware, valves, etc.
syringes, control devices, instruments, filters, etc.
bushings, o-rings, grommets, washers, etc.

Bottle Caps
caps, lids, tokens, coins, etc.
Electronic/ Electrical
circuit boards, fuses, switches, plugs, etc.
tea bags, freeze dried vegetables, dried soups, mixed foods, etc.
tablets, capsules, wafers,
pills, etc.




SHORT Model with Luminous Panel
Storage Hopper Capacity 2 Cu. Ft. (56.6 Liters) 5 Cu. Ft. (141.6 Liters) 2 Cu. Ft. (56.6 Liters)
Vibratory Feed Capacity 800 lbs/hr (363 kg/hr) 1500 lbs/hr (682 kg/hr) 800 lbs/hr (363 kg/hr)
Feeder Trough Size 8"x x 12"l (200 x 300mm) 10"w x 16"l (254 x 400mm) 8"w x 12"l (200 x 300mm)

Work Belt 15"(380mm) wide, vulcanized, spliced endless. Available in Med. Brown, Black, Tan, Lt. Green or White
Belt Speed Manual Variable Speed Drive 10 to 20 FPM (3 to 6 MPM)
Belt Rolls 4"(100mm) Diameter shellacked maple, steel shafts turning in ball bearings
Table Aprons Marine Plywood four coats shellac, 4.5"(114mm)arm rest each side of work belt
Discharge Chute Stainless steel. 17"(430mm) discharge height above floor
Belt Drive System 1/3 HP(0.25kW) AC motor, variable speed pulley, worm gear reducer, roller chain & sprockets

Table Top Sizes Upper & Lower Levels 24" (600mm)wide x 36"(900mm) working length Height from floor: Upper level 33"(840mm), lower level 30" (760mm) 24"(600mm)wide 36"(900mm) working length 
Height from floor 31"(790mm)

Center Drop Adjustment 1.25" to 4" (32 to 100mm) 1.25" to 6" (32 to 150mm) Lower level may be adjusted level or inclined up or down No center drop
Overall Dimensions 2' x 8' x 4'7" high
600 x 2430 x 1400mm high
2' x 8'6" x 5' high
600 x 2600 x 1525 mm high
2' x 6' x 4'4" high
600 x 1830 x 1320 mm high
Leg Room Under Table 25" x 70" (500 x 1770mm) 25" x 70" (500 x 1770mm) 25" x 44" (500 x 1115mm)
Weight 412 lbs (188 kg) 460 lbs (209 kg) 350 lbs (159 kg)
With Lum. Panel 375 lbs (170 kg)

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