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Increase accuracy, productivity, and return on investment with advanced extrusion downstream machinery and integrated systems from G.F. Goodman & Son

Unequaled selection and customization

Your extrusion downstream requirements are unique, as are the priorities you place on speed, accuracy, uptime, ease of use, capacity, initial cost, cost of operation, and other variables.

To optimize efficiency as defined by your application, Goodman manufactures a wider range of extrusion downstream equipment models and types, with a wider range of standard and optional accessories, than any other manufacturer:

Vacuum sizing equipment
Cooling tanks
On-demand rotary cutters
Traveling saws
Discharge conveyors
Winders/unwinders with loop tension controls

For example, Goodman offers more types of on-demand rotary cutters than any other maker: servo, vacuum, electromagnetic, pneumatic, and hydraulic—each providing its own combination of application-specific advantages. Moreover, Goodman engineers flexibility into every machine, allowing extensive customization during assembly to optimize efficiency while preserving standard machine pricing and lead times.

Raising the bar on accuracy, speed, reliability

In 1983 Goodman introduced its exclusive Vac-Q-Torq vacuum clutch/brake actuated rotary on-demand cutter. This machine set new industry standards for cut length accuracy and cutting speed.

In addition, it allows monitoring of clutch/brake wear to allow scheduled maintenance, virtually eliminating clutch/brake failure during production runs. Replacement clutch/brake units can be delivered overnight (Continental U.S. and Puerto Rico), and installed in less than 30 minutes (no break-in period required).

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