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For continuous cutting of hot melt chips and slats—up to 15,000 pounds per hour

Principle of operation

Goodman high capacity Rotary Shear Cutters are positioned immediately downstream of any hot melt adhesive cooling conveyor or water cooling trough. Cooled, hot melt adhesive strips are fed into the cutter continuously by two feed rollers which are synchronized with the conveyor line speed in one of two ways; by chain and sprocket from the cooling conveyor shaft, or in the case of a water cooling trough, by a variable speed AC frequency or DC motor. Cut length of the hot melt adhesive strips is controlled by adjusting the infinitely variable rate at which the shear blades rotate-the lowest setting yielding 6 inch slats, the highest yielding 1/4 inch chips.


The simplified yet highly efficient design of Goodman Rotary Shear Cutters, combined with exceptionally rugged construction, provides important advantages for manufacturers of hot melt resins: high volume output of cleanly cut, accurately sized hot melt slats and chips, with extreme reliability and minimal maintenance—even under severe operating conditions around-the-clock. These and other attributes unique to Goodman machinery can improve the uniformity of hot melt products while reducing maintenance, downtime, and operating costs, resulting in higher short and long term profits for you.

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