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On-Demand/Flywheel Cutters
for precise, high capacity
cutting of hot melt glue gun
sticks—up to 750 cuts per
minute in on-demand mode—
up to 2000 cuts per minute
in flywheel mode

Principle of operation

Goodman On-Demand/Flywheel Cutting Systems are positioned immediately downstream of a hot melt adhesive water cooling trough or vacuum sizing equipment. The cooled extrudate is fed into the cutter by a caterpillar puller which is integral with the cutting system (shown), or configured independently.

In on-demand mode, the distance traveled by the extrudate is measured continually by an electronic length counter/encoder which transmits a signal to the system controller. When a preprogrammed cut length has been traveled, the controller activates the on-demand indexer drive/blade to make one revolution, slicing the hot melt rod cleanly and accurately, up to 750 times per minute.

In flywheel mode, the cut length is determined by the ratio between the extrudate distance traveled and the (adjustable) flywheel RPM, providing up to 2000 cuts per minute.

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