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Three Models for Uncured Rubber Sheet or Slabs from 28" to 42" (700 to 1100 mm) Wide

Eliminate costly secondary cutting operations for milled and calendered uncured rubber sheet or slab stock
Cut uniform slabs, rectangular transfer pads or compression mold loads continuously at the end of your batch-off system
Synchronize the Rotary Shear Cutter in-feed conveyor to your batch-off unit to simplify your set-up and operation
Reduce your maintenance headaches with a rugged machine built to last

Whether you are a custom mixer or mixing rubber in-house, the reliable production of uniform width slit strips of uncured rubber for cold feed extruders and injection molding machine feed is a problem. If the strips are cut at the batch-off mill, you have to fight dropped or mangled strips in your batch-off system. Most home made slitters are not rugged enough to cleanly slit all types of stock following the batch-off.

Pallets or cartons of wig-wagged sheet can be fed cold into an off-line version of the Rotary Slitter to produce slit strips from custom mixed rubber sheet. The sheet must be capable of readily unfolding from the pallet or carton without sticking or jamming.

The GOODMAN Rotary Slitter is a very simple, but ruggedly built, machine designed to cleanly slit cold uncured rubber sheet or slabs into uniform width strips. Whether your products are 40 Durometer or 90 Durometer, you will still get cleanly cut strips every time. Features of the GOODMAN Rotary Slitter include the following:

Heavy welded steel frame
Heavy duty alloy steel blade arbor turning in spherical roller bearings
90 Durometer polyurethane covered anvil roll turning in spherical roller bearings
10" (250 mm) diameter hardened toolsteel slitting blades with PETE coating
Large diameter spacers between blades to keep the arbor rigid
Stripper/hugger belt assembly to guide slit strips out from between slitting blades
Infeed and discharge conveyors integral with machine
AC gear motor for off-line applications and either AC variable frequency or DC drive for in-line applications; can be configured to follow reference signal or loop control system
In-line systems can operate at up to 120 FPM (36 MPM)
Custom machine configurations welcomed, including longer infeed and/or discharge conveyor, operating height, maximum product width



Model 28

Model 36

Model 42

Model 28

Model 35

Capacity Uncured rubber sheet to 28" (700 mm) wide & 1.5" (40 mm) thick Uncured rubber sheet to 36" (900 mm) wide & 1.5" (40 mm) thick Uncured rubber sheet to 42" (1060 mm) wide & 1.5" (40 mm) thick Uncured rubber sheet to 28" (700 mm) wide & 1.5" (40 mm) thick Uncured rubber sheet to 28" (700 mm) wide & 1.5" (40 mm) thick

Strip Width

Minimum width 1" (25 mm) or 3x sheet thickness Maximum width 1/3 of sheet width
Shear Cut Length  

0.25" (6 mm) depending on line speed and sheet thickness

Feed Rate

12 FPM (3.5 MPM) or to customer specification 
DC variable speed drive available as an option
Feed Conveyor

Gravity roller conveyor
Power feed conveyor available as an option

Conveyor and stripper belt assembly guides slit strips from between blades Slit and shear cut pieces drop down onto a discharge conveyor or down an incline discharge chute
Drive Motor 5 HP (3.7 kW) AC gear motor or optional DC variable speed gear motor 15 HP (11 kW) AC gear motor or optional DC variable speed gear motor

Slitting Blades 10" (254 mm) Diameter hardened, ground toolsteel, mounted on heat treated chrome vanadium arbor PTFE coated blades available as an option

Shear Blades  

Hardened, ground rectangular cross section toolsteel blades; each blade has four usable cutting edges 
PTFE coating available as an option

Approx. Size


1270x1650x1650mm high

60"x65"x65" high
1525x1650x1650mm high

70"x65"x65" high
1780x1650x1650mm high

50"x70"x65" high
1270x1780x1650mm high

60"x70"x65" high
1525x1780x1650 mm high

2,800 lbs
1270 kg

3,600 lbs
1630 kg

4,300 lbs
1950 kg

4,200 lbs
1900 kg

5,000 lbs
5570 kg

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